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A couple of years ago I did this post about if Is FCoE Struggling to Gain Traction, or on a normal adoption course?


Fast forward to today, has anybody else noticed that there seems to be less hype  and fud on Fibre Channel (FC) over Ethernet (FCoE) than a year or  two or three ago?


Does this mean that FCoE as the fud or detractors were  predicting is in fact stillborn with no adoption, no deployment and dead on  arrival?


Does this mean that FCoE as its proponents have said is  still maturing, quietly finding adoption and deployment where it fits?


Does this mean that FCoE like its predecessors Fibre  Channel and Ethernet are still evolving, expanding from early adopter to a  mature technology?


Does this mean that FCoE is simply forgotten with  software defined networking (SDN) having over-shadowed it?


Does this mean that FCoE has finally lost out and that  iSCSI has finally stepped up and living up to what it was hyped to do ten  years ago?


Does this mean that FC itself at either 8GFC or 16GFC is  holding its own for now?


Does this mean that InfiniBand is on the rebound?


Does  this mean that FCoE is simply not fun or interesting, or a shiny new  technology with vendors not spending marketing money so thus people not talking,  tweeting or blogging?


Does this mean that those who were either proponents  pitching it or detractors despising it have found other things to talk about  from SDN to OpenFlow to IOV to Software Defined Storage (what ever, or who ever definition your subscribe to) to cloud, big or little  data and the list goes on?


I continue hear of or talk with customers organizations deploying FCoE in addition to iSCSI, FC, NAS and other means of accessing storage for cloud, virtual and physical environments.


Likewise I see some vendor discussions occurring not to mention what gets picked up via google alerts.


However in general, the rhetoric both pro and against, hype and FUD seems to have subsided, or at least for now.


So what gives, what's your take on FCoE hype and FUD?


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