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Spring 2012 StorageIO traveling out and about events are underway with  activities already having occurred in New York City along with several online  live and recorded web casts that you can find here and here. Other upcoming events and traveling to various venues include Dallas (SNW), San Francisco, Washington  DC, Nijkerk Netherlands and Las Vegas among others you can see here. Themes and topics of these and other events include data center convergence, infrastructure optimization, data protection modernization, data protection for virtual and cloud environments, performance and capacity planning, metrics that matter and strategy among others.


Greg in action Nijkerk Storage Seminar


For those of you in the Netherlands, or elsewhere in Europe, I'm going to be doing a two-day seminar for storage professionals along with for those involved in strategy, architecture and related data infrastructure topics on May 7 and 8. On May 9, I will be doing a deep dive companion seminar. You can learn more about these seminars being organized by Brouwer Consultancy in Nijkerk Netherlands by visiting their site here which includes agenda and related information.


Watch for more events, seminars, webinars and virtual trade shows by visiting the StorageIO events page.


Drop me a note if you would like to schedule or arrange for a seminar or event near you.


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This is the first in a five-part series around the recent IBM PureSystems  announcements. You can view the next post here.



IBM PureSystems


For a certain generation of IBM faithful or followers the recently announced PureFlex  and PureApplication systems might give a sense of DejaVu perhaps even  causing some to wonder if they just woke up from a long Rip Van Winkle type nap.


Yet for another generation who may not yet be  future IBM followers, fans, partners or customers, there could be a sense of  something new and revolutionary with the PureFlex and PureApplication systems  (twitter @ibmpuresystems).


In between those two groups, exist others who  are either scratching their heads or reinvigorated with enthusiasm to get out  and be able to discuss opportunities around little data (traditional and  transactional) and big data, servers, virtualized, converged infrastructure, dynamic data centers, private clouds, ITaaS, SaaS and AaaS, PaaS,  IaaS and other related themes or buzzword bingo topics.


Let us dig a little deeper and look at some So  What types of questions and industry trends perspectives comments around  what IBM has announced.


So what did IBM announce?
    IBM announced PureSystems including:


You can think of IBM PureSystems and Flex  Systems Products and technology as a:

  • Private cloud or turnkey solution bundle solution
  • Platform deploying public or hybrid clouds
  • Data center in a box or converged and dynamic  system
  • ITaaS or SaaS/AaaS or PaaS or IaaS or Cloud in  a box
  • Rackem stack and package them type solution


So what is an IBM PureFlex System and what is IBM using?
It is a factory integrated data and compute infrastructure  in a cabinet combing cloud, virtualization, servers, data and storage networking capabilities. The IBM PureFlex system is comprised  of various IBM and products and technologies (hardware, software and services) optimized  with management across physical and virtual resources (servers, storage (V7000), networking, operating systems, hypervisors and  tools).


PureFlex includes automation and optimization  technologies along with what IBM is referring to as patterns of expertise or  what you might relate to as templates. Support for various hypervisors and  management integration along with application and operating system support by  leveraging IBM xSeries (x86 such as Intel) and pSeries (Power7) based processors  for compute. Storage is the IBM V7000 (here and here) with networking and  connectivity via IBM and their partners. The solution is capable of supporting  traditional, virtual and cloud deployment models as well as platform  for deploying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on a public, managed service provider (MSP), hosting or  private basis.


Click here to view the next post in this series, ok nuff said for now.


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Cloud and Virtual Data Storage  Networking


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Recently I did a presentation  titled Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (hmm, I think I know of a book  with the same title) at the spring 2012 SNW in Dallas. My presentation was on  the first morning of the session as I needed to be in Boston to record a video the  following Tuesday morning, thus I missed out on the storm clouds and tornadoes  that rolled in the next day.


While I was at SNW, had the honor of being  a guest on Calvin Zito (aka @HPStorageguy) pod cast that can be found on his Around  the Storage Block Blog or by clicking here.


Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking Conversation


Check out our conversations about  clouds, related topics and more from a practical perspective cutting through the hype  and fud.


Oh, if you are interested in Cloud  and Virtual Data Storage Networking, click here to learn more about the book,  or here to find various downloads and associated presentations, and here to see  some upcoming events, activities and venues both in the U.S. and in Europe.


Ok, nuff said for now.


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