Hearing different discussions about APIs in general and cloud in particular got me thinking, besides the usual Application Programming Interface meaning, what other options exists including those to have some fun with.


How about some of these among others to have some fun and take a quick break from the otherwise serious side of clouds, virtualization data and storage networking, backup, archive, VDI, data protection and management topics.


Cloud API = A Payment Invoice
Cloud API = A Paid Infrastructure
Cloud API = A Pain Inthea$$
Cloud API = A Pathto Income
Cloud API = A Pathto IOP
Cloud API = A Payment Infrastructure
Cloud API = A Planned Inconvenience
Cloud API = A Processor Interconnect
Cloud API = A Program Incubator
Cloud API = A Propriety Interface
Cloud API = A Protected Income
Cloud API = A Protected Investment
Cloud API = A Public Infrastructure
Cloud API = Aaas Paas Iaas
Cloud API = All Partners Involved
Cloud API = All Programmers Involved
Cloud API = Amazon Plus IBM
Cloud API = Another Product Inititiave
Cloud API = Another Program Interface
Cloud API = Another Programmer Innovating
Cloud API = Architect Planned Infrastructure


Ok, nuff said for now before that cloud crowd cheerleaders API me out of existence.


Cheers gs