Given that it is Halloween season, time for some fun.


Over the past couple of  weeks various product and solution services announcements have been made that result in various articles, columns, blogs and commentary in support of them.


Ever wonder which if any of those products could  actually be stitched together to work in a production environment without increasing the overall cost and complexity that they sometimes promote as their individual value proposition? Granted, many can and do work quite well when introduced into heterogeneous or existing environments with good interoperability. However what about those that look good on paper or in a webex or you tube video on their own, however may be challenged to be pieced together to work with others?


Reading product announcements


Hence in the spirit of halloween, the vision of a Frankenstack appeared.


A Frankenstack is a fictional environment where you piece various technologies from announcements or what you see or hear about in different venues into a solution.


Part of being a Frankenstack is that the various pieces may look interesting on their own, good luck trying to put them together on paper let alone in a real environment.


While I have not yet attempted to piece together any  Frankenstacks lately, I can visualize various ones.

Stacking or combining different technologies, will they work together?

A Frankenstack could be based on what a  vendor, VAR, or solution provider proposes or talks about.


A Frankenstack  could also also be what a analyst, blogger, consultant, editor,  pundit or writer pieces together in a story or recommendation.

Some Frankenstacks may be  more  synergistic and interoperable than others perhaps even working in a real customer environment.


Of  course even if the pieces could be deployed, would you be able to afford them  let alone support them (interoperability aside) without adding complexity?


You see a Frankenstack might look good on paper or on a slide  deck, webex or via some other venue, however will it actually work or apply to your  environment or are they just fun to talk about?


Dont get me wrong, I like  hearing about new technology and products as much as anyone else, however lets have some fun with Frankenstacks and keep in perspective do they help or add complexity to your environment.


Ok, enough fun for now, let me know what you see or can put together in terms of Frankenstacks.


Keep in mind they dont actually have to work as that is what qualifies them for trick or treat and Frankenstack status.


Enjoy your Halloween season, do not be afraid, however be  ready for some tricks and treats, its that time of the year.


Cheers gs