Converged and dynamic infrastructures, cloud and virtual  environments are popular themes and industry trends with different levels of adoption and deployment occurring. Although  are you focusing on products, or the other Ps, that is  people, processes and policies (or more here).


Industry Trend: Data growth and demand


The reason I bring this up is quite often I hear  discussions that are centered around the products (or services) providing  various benefits, return on investment or cost saving opportunities.


Very little discussions are heard around whats being done  or enabled by vendors and service providers, or what is being adopted by  customers to tie in people, process and policy convergence.


Industry Trend: Removing organizational barriers to enable convergence technology


Put another way, the discussions focus around the new  technology or service while forgetting or assuming that the people, process and  policies will naturally fall into place.


Will customer policies, process or procedures along with  internal organizational (e.g. politics) issues with how people leverage those  converged products also evolve?


I assert that while there are benefits that can be  obtained from leveraging new enabling technologies (hardware, software,  networks, services) their full potential will not be realized until policies,  process, people skill sets and even more important, organizational or  intradepartmental turf wars and boundaries are also addressed.


Industry Trend: SANtas converged management team and family
Converged family team


This does not mean  consolidating different groups, rather it can mean thawing out relations between groups if there are challenges, establishing an  abstraction or virtual layer, a virtual team to cut across different technology  domains combing various skill sets, new best practices, policies and procedures in order to streamline management of physical and virtual resources.


Chuck Hollis (aka twitter @ChuckHollis) of EMC has an interesting blog post (here)  that ties in the themes of different IT groups working or not having situational  awareness that is worth a read. You can also read this Industry Trends and  Perspective solution brief that I did earlier this year on the topic of  Removing Organizational Barriers for Leveraging Technology Convergence.


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What is your organization doing (or have done) to enable  convergence factoring in people, processes, policies and products or is it a  non issue for you?


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