I will keep this simple and short.


For those of you in the US, happy fourth of July.


For those of you elsewhere, enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.


And to those who like fishing and catching, good luck.


After all, for those who at least give it or something a try, your chances of catching or succeeding increase, that is unless your version of fishing and catching is measured by simply going to the grocery store frozen food section, a seafood restaurant, or visiting your local fish monger.


A North American Bald Eagle fishing (and catching) on the St. Croix River near Stillwater MN - via www.karenofarcola.com


The above photo of a North American bald eagle was taken by Karen Schulz (Aka Karen of Arcola) while we were out fishing on the St. Croix River north of Stillwater MN. No telephoto or high powered zoom lenses or trick photography (or photo shop) were involved, we were simply out fishing (and catching) in our backyard at the right time and being in right place to have been able to catch this photo of the eagle fishing.


Have a safe and happy holiday weekend and or summer vacation (holiday for those outside the US).


Cheers Gs