For those who have read any of my previous posts, seen some of my articles, news letters, videos, pod casts, web casts or in person appearances you may have heard that I have a new book coming out this summer.


Here in the northern hemisphere its summer (well technically the solstice is just around the corner) and in Minnesota the ice (from the winter) is off the lakes and rivers. Granted, there is some ice floating that fell out of coolers for keeping beverages cool. This means that it is also fishing (and catching) season on the Scenic St. Croix River.


Karen of Arcola catches first fish of 2011 season, St. Croix river, stripe bassGreg showing his first catch of the 2011 season, St. Croix walleye aka Walter or Wanda


FTC disclosures (and for fun): Karenofarcola is wearing a StorageIO baseball cap and Im wearing a cap from a vendor marketing person who sent several as they too enjoy fishing and boating. Funny thing about the cap, all of the river rats and fishing people think it is from the people who make rod reels instead of solutions that go around tape and disk reels.


Note, if you feel compelled to send me baseball caps, send at least a pair so there is a backup, standby, spare or extra one for a guest. The mustang survival jacket that Im wearing with the Seadoo logo is something I bought myself. I did get a discount however since there was a Seadoo logo on it and I used to have Seadoo jet boats. Btw, that was some disclosure fun and humor!


Ok, enough of the fun stuff, lets get back to the main theme of this post.


My new book which is the third in a series of solo projects including Resilient Storage Networks: Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures (Elsevier) and The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC).


Resilient Storage NetworksThe Green and Virtual Data Center


While the official launch and general availability will be later in the summer, following are some links and related content to give you advance information about the new book.


Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking


Click on the above image which will take you to the CRC Press page where you can learn more including what the book is about, view a table of contents, see reviews and more. Also check out the video below to learn more as well as visit my main web site where you can learn about Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking, my other books and view (or listen to) related content such as white papers, solution briefs, articles, tips, web cast, pod cast as well as view the recent and upcoming events schedule.



I also invite you to join Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking group


You can also view the short video at dailymotion, metacage,, veoh, flickr, and photobucket among other venues.


If you are interested in being a reviewer, send a note to with your name, blog or website and contact information including shipping address (sorry no PO boxes) plus telephone (or skype) number. Also indicate if you are a blogger, press/media, free lance writer, analyst, consultant, var, vendor, investor, IT professional or other.


Watch for more news and information as we get closer to the formal launch and release, in the meantime, you can pre order your copy now at Amazon, CRC Press and other venues around the world.


Ok, time to get back to work or go fishing, nuff said


Cheers Gs


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