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For those interested, the August (End of Summer) edition of my Server and StorageIO free news letter which is packed with articles, commentary on various industry activity, technology trend perspectives and other information can be found at



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Like many others, last week I spent a few days in San Francisco attending the VMworld 2010 event. It was great meeting many new people for the first time as well as others whom I had meet in the past.



John Troyer and crew put together some great events including the vExpert bash prior to the INXS show. Speaking of INXS, instead of the devils in the details, I have a post titled "[VMworld 2010 virtual roads, clouds and INXS Devil Inside||Permanent Link to VMworld 2010 virtual roads, clouds and INXS Devil Inside]" over on my blog at which includes some photos as well as links to a few videos from the INXS show for those who are interested.



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