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I have a new blog post over at titled Enterprise Efficiency about aging infrastructures including those involved with IT, Telcom and related ones.



As a society, we face growing problems repairing and maintaining the vital infrastructure we once took for granted.



Most of these incidents involve aging, worn-out physical infrastructure desperately in need of repair or replacement. But infrastructure doesn't have to be old or even physical to cause problems when it fails.



The IT systems and applications all around us form a digital infrastructure that most enterprises take for granted until it's not there.


Bottom line, there really isn't much choice.



You can either pay up front now to update aging infrastructures, or, wait and pay more later. Either way, there will be a price to pay and you can not realize a cost savings until you actually embark on that endeavor.



Here is the link to the full blog post over at Enterprise Efficiency.



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Greg Schulz - Author The Green and Virtual Data Center(CRC) and Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier)

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