Hello.   I've converted my installation of windows 10 from physical to virtual with the VMware Vcenter Converter Standalone tool because I want to run my physical installation of Windows 10 with… (Show more)
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Do most of you guys simply apply the built-in dynamic baselines of critical and non-critical patches that cover all versions, etc? or do you create you own baseline and try to add in what you think… (Show more)
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Hey guys,   I have a 6.7u2 vSphere environment(vCSA and hosts) and I have a HPE Synergy frame/SPP combination that only supports 6.7u2.  It does not support 6.7u3 until we upgrade(VCSA 1st, HPE… (Show more)
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I am running 6.7u2 vCenter and ESXi hosts.  have a HP G10 server and when I last updated the SPP(firmware) it came back and flagged secure boot not being enabled as a security problem.  VMWare seemed… (Show more)
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Hi guys,   I have a 6.7u2 cluster with an error on the hosts that "system logs are stored on non-persistent storage."  ESXi was installed on a flash and when I SSH in and run df, I am only seeing… (Show more)
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