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connect-viserver vcenter01 -user administrator@vsphere.local -password VMware1!

Write-host "No of VMs to deploy"


write-host "Enter the naming convention"


for($count=0;$count -le ($noofvms-1);$noofvms++)


new-vm -name ($vmname+$count) -vmhost (get-cluster cluser01|get-vmhost|get-random) -disksizemb 100 -portgroup vlan100


VCAP 6-Deployment-HA Cluster - YouTube


I have recorded this video for those who following vCAP -deployment. This includes HA cluster configuration with some advanced settings

dja234 Enthusiast

Manage vCenter appliance

Posted by dja234 Sep 3, 2017



I'm preparing for VCAP deployment and I have done step by step guide using Microsoft Onenote. Some of the practicals are still pending. but 60% are completed.Some times it may be help you for your exam.


VCAP-6-Deployment | VMware,Microsoft Knowledge Sharing Portal