Hi Community   In the vSphere C# Client I had the possibility to see an overview of all vms and their snapshot spaces: Home - Inventory - Datastores and Datastore Clusters - Tab Storage Views. By… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere Client
I need to download vCenter 5.5.3. VMWare download center forces me to download version 6.2. Any help is appreciated.
in Converter Standalone
hi, I installed VMware vcenter converter 6.2.0 build 8466193 (latest one) which has in log history fix for smb share I had.   Conversion of a powered on Windows machine to an SMB share fails with… (Show more)
in Converter Standalone
Hi, I want to migrate VMs from vCenter 5.5.0 U1b to vCenter 6.5 U1b using Converter Standalone 6.2. When Converter tries to connect the source vCenter (5.5) I receive this error: "A general… (Show more)
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