Hello,    Hope this is the right forum for this and thanks for your time.  I’m trying to figure out how to delay the boot of all VM's provisioned by a vRealize Automation blueprint, so that they… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hi guys   does there people know how to install nsx-cni for k8s?   I try to yum install kubelet kubeadm, but it has a cni So I can't install nsx-cni..  
in VMware NSX
Hi all,   I'm successfully using the 'Add custom attribute to a virtual machine' workflow as a standalone XaaS blueprint in vRA. I even was able to modify it to add multiple attributes to multiple… (Show more)
in vRealize Orchestrator
I have ESXI 6.7 on Mac MIni Late 2014 There is a need for me to have Windows VM with around 20 network adapters. The problem is I can add only 10, but adding more than 10 I get an error: Failed to… (Show more)
in ESXi
I would like to install an existing wildcard ssl certificate on our 6.5 vcenter server and was wondering if anyone experienced any issues with this type of a setup. I have seen mixed feedback on a… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hello all,   I have some strange thing with our VRA Web ui , it's a fresh install in laboratory environnement and i begin to be crazy with this product :-(   If someone can help me to understand… (Show more)
in vRealize
Hello,   Is it easy for you to tell me how to add the business user who has requested a catalog item (Windows VM) to the local administrators group after the deployment? as the automation wont be so… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
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