I am new to Regular Expressions. I am working with vRealize Automation 7.6 and would like to set a constraint on one of the fields to make it mandatory to use the letters "su" at the end of the… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Thank you very much for reading my concern, I am taking a project from a company that has a team 8 years ago, HP Proliant 350 g5 and have VMware ESXi 4.1.0-260247 installed, we need to install… (Show more)
in HP Infrastructure and VMware
Hi everyone,   we try to find a solution to manage "Physical Servers" from vRealize Automation 7.5.   SINCE vRA 7 : No more physical machine templates in vRealize Automation 7   In prior versions,… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Wishes everyone,   For traditional storage, we have option called SAN copy is there anything in VSAN which will cover this SAN copy needs?   Regards, Volga.
in VMware vSAN
Hi,     We are virtualising a Win 2011 SP1 server using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - running locally on the server. We encounter @ 3% complete. The error code is  FAILED: Unable to create… (Show more)
in Converter Standalone
I am trying to find out how often certain VM Templates are used for provisioning in vRA. I believe the VM template name is stored in the clonefrom property during deployment. I am having trouble… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hello,   I have a brand new server that I am attempting to install vSphere on. I have a physical Raid 5 key, and the raid array built. However, when I go to install I see all my disks separated.… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
I am trying to find list of Virtual Machines having a specific IP Address     In our UAT environment, we have vRA 7.3.0 and vCenter 6.5 and vCEnter Plug In : 6.5.05471688   And below query works… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
I am building a web service for automating VM builds.  Similar to the migrate wizard, I would like to display only the datastores and networks that are valid for a selected host.  Currently, the API… (Show more)
Let me preface by saying that I am extremely new to vRA. I've been doing the HOL but so far no scenario has addressed my goal. What I'd like to be able to do with my vRA 7.5 environment is to… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
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