hi,   What is the best way to manage more than one VCenter from a vRealize Automation Setup. I have version 7.5 VRA and VRO both in one machine and one windows IAAS machine. Is it possible to… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
We would be able to map a CIFS share and create files for certain activities using vRO workflow. We are looking for ways to delete a file as well.   We are running with vRO 7.2 and any help related… (Show more)
in vRealize Orchestrator
Hello!   I'm starting to feel kind of bad asking all these questions. I swear, I am spending hours researching and troubleshooting before I post. At some point I hope I can return the favor and… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hi,   I installed Vra 7.5. When creating a new virtual machine, I want to send the system properties (cpu, memory) to approve (with some other custom properties I have created before)   I use "Pre… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
I am looking for some insight. I have been researching and researching this topic and have yet to find a valid answer.  I have 2 sites 1 production, 1 DR. I have 1 Vcenter. I have replication between… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
Hello   I am running vSphere 6.0 U3 and have a requirement to keep this environment for another year. I also have a requirement for Server 2019 which went GA last week. I see that the tech preview… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
I went install VMware Workstation Pro 15 today FOR LINUX [UBUNTU STUDIO 18.10 VM] but by running the installer i get PROMPT TO install SOME MODULES after clicked INSTALL got: // error what to do????… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Hi,   I have had create a business group which was not longer needed. It seems to be gone most of the places, but not when using the filter in the portal. Where are these groups names stored - as… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hi All, Native vRealize mail sender is based on IMAP/POP3 protocol. Imagine env where only way is HTTPS/443 and Office 365 without IMAP and POP3 which are blocked. Choosing IMAP or POP3 with 443… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
NSX-Hyperbus VIB is a key component of Kubernetes to NSX-T integration. Yet the vib nsx-hyperbus does not seem to be published anywhere in vmware site. Looked in the LCP files for ESXi NSX-T and… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
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