On esxi 6.5d, When the vm has a ide disk, I was unable to change any VM settings such as Network Connected (Y/N), which Virtual Switch a NIC is connected to, unmapping an ISO image to a CD while a VM… (Show more)
in VMware ESXi
Hi,   For dual-boot to Windows Server 2016 within Windows 10, I have gone through the link… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Hi ... I have WS10 and trying to list shared VMs. Running the following command from the commandline: vmrun.exe" -T ws-shared -h localhost -u muser -p *******  list Then, I get only: a blinking… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Hello,   I've spent all day uploading an ISO to my datastore and in the host EVENTS it shows that it completed with status "Success." I watched it complete. But when I view the datastore it is not… (Show more)
in VMware ESXi
Hello,   I am trying to convert just the Windows XP partition from a dual boot machine. I installed the converter on WinXP and I get at 98% the following error : Unable to find the system volume,… (Show more)
in VMware Converter Standalone
hi i have dell poweredge T30 (mini tower) with 2 2TB raid1, i am trying to install esxi 6.0, but esxi dont dettecting raid system. i dont know what to do and i need your help tnx
in VMware ESXi
my vmware machine was running and suddenly my PC shutdown due to power problem. when i turn on my pc again and try to open my vmware machine it show me this error " Unable to open file… (Show more)
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Kevin Pidd
vmware-vdiskmanage Failed to convert disk: One of the parameters supplied is invalid (0x3e80) when I try to convert preallocated disks to resizable on Windows guests. It works fine on linux guests.… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Hi, In Workstation Pro 12.5.6 nothing happens when I open a vmx file for Windows 10 guest OS. When I click resume I get a message (shown below) saying that it the vmdk file can't be found. However, I… (Show more)
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I've had a house fire and my old ESXi host hardware suffered enough that it powercycled continuously. The drives are seem to be perfectly fine though. So house is rebuilt and I have new hardware… (Show more)
in VMware ESXi
version   build -------  ------- 1.0.0       294 1.0.1       372 1.0.2       452 1.1.2       364   2.0.0       438 2.0.0       444 2.0.0       468 2.0.0       475 2.0.0       476… (Show more)
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