So, I have an odd one:   I'm setting up a small business virtual environment.  Right now, I only have 2 servers involved: Disk: 2012 R2 physical server that has a Dell SCSI array attached to it. … (Show more)
in vSphere Upgrade & Install
Apologies PeteM92, not a reply but a continuation on your general theme.... after similarly upgrading to Workstation Pro 14.1.2, none of my virtual machines will start either. The error message I… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
My VMware Host ESXi 4.1 losed RAID configuration, but I have access to datastore in another Host. I already resolved the RAID configuration and back with the same Host, but the vCenter vm doesn't… (Show more)
in ESXi
The operating system of my host computer: Centos7.4 The version of the vmware workstation:  Pro 14 for linux The issue:     If I do some settings on the vmware by modifying the configuration… (Show more)
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Ok so I have a freshly created vm in esxi 6.7 that I went into the boot options and changed to efi. Now I have attempted to boot off of the windows 10 1803 iso created from the Microsoft media… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I am running the following setup:   Host: Windows 10 VMWare Workstation Pro 14.1 Guest: Ubuntu 17.10   I have a USB Bluetooth controller (device) on my laptop, controlled by my Windows… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Loren Pechtel
VMWare came up asking to do an update and I let it.  Yuck!   I'm on 14.1.2 build-8497320   The obnoxious "To release input, press Ctrl-Alt" showed up (I find mention of this obnoxiousness going… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
I want to mount vmdk file in my window /linux machine . I am trying to use vmware-mount . I have download the KIT zip file but it does not contains  the vMware-mount exe file . how can run that… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hi all   I have the following setup: 1 VM with 4 VMDKs (1 for OS, 3 for different Data) I cannot shut down the VM to do what I have to do, else it would be a no-brainer.   I need to copy VMDK 2-4… (Show more)
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