I wish to run script everytime my Debian virtual machine starts because I attached OS to cdrom so when machine reboots I lost all settings. I need to run this script to set resolution, vi settings,… (Show more)
in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)
I run a win 8 guest on vmware workstation pro 12 and i set as network connetion: vmnet2 On the guest I set the network adapter tcp/ipv4 properties to static address   On my windows 10… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
Hey All, I have seen a very worrying issue which is not always reproduced. It seems like my interfaces for NAT/Bridge adapters doesn't get an IP from the DHCP, when I am running 'dhclient… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
hello, i want to boot with my usb drive windows 10 installer from uefi mode  can someone help me with that i dont want change it to bios i want test it to uefi mode
in Workstation Pro
Good afternoon,   I'm using Vmware Workstation 15 on W10 64bits. On it i have one vm running on Manjaro. Everything was working perfectly fine. But i can't start it anymore. At start up the… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
I'm using Workstation Pro 15.0.1   I opened an old VM (hardware level : workstation 6.5-7).  I changed its network connection to NAT but every time I started up the VM, network connection is changed… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
I’ve uploaded a half dozen or so Windows VMs (mostly Server 2012 R2) using the upload feature of Workstation Pro 15 to ESXi 6.5. In every case the source vmdk is 24 GB, but the VM on ESXi ends up at… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
I powered off the vm and put the host in maintenance mode before powering it off so I could open the case and clean it out as it was getting really hot and it was full of dust. When I powered on the… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
I have a few Windows Server 2019 VMs.  When connected to the VMs using Remote Desktop, the screen will go black after a period of inactivity, and most times will not come back.  A disconnect and… (Show more)
in ESXi
In what part of the official documentation can I find that information?
in Workstation Pro
Hello,   I am trying to connect a  LPT port on a windows XP guest.   On the host, i install a PCI card, and it is detected on LPT3 Then i install VMWare Player and add in the manager VMWarePlayer… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
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