Greetings everyone! I already did a brief research on the matter, but failed to find a question, so if this question has already been answered I am sorry for the re-post.   My main problem is the… (Show more)
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Hi,   I want to apologize ahead of time, if I'm writing this in the wrong forum, but I sincerely hope someone can help me with this urgent question.   We have a VMWare vCloud provider that claims… (Show more)
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Was trying to get a PowerShell script to convert edge gateway to advanced gateway on vCloud Director 9.1, we have some 100's of edges and would like to automate this process as we are planning an… (Show more)
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Hi There,   I've a machine with unresolved status in vCloudDirector 10.1.   I already try to stop or start (via powercli it's the only way) and i get always the same error.   Start-CIVM : 6/17/2020… (Show more)
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We've installed 10.1.1 in a test lab and are now unable to get guest OS customization to work.   The UI says   Automatic guest customization is not supported on this Guest OS type. The settings on… (Show more)
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Dear VMWare Community,   I have serious trouble with Windows 2016/2019 VM guests on ESXi 6.7. Every 3,4,5 days several VMs are unresponsible and hang. The only way to bring the VM back to life is… (Show more)
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