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I was trying to reset root password for PSC . However , the passwords could not initially be changed via VAMI GUI. I do had option to enter current and new password and submit , but the system gave no confirma@tion of change and no error message. The password was not changed and it was possible to re-login using the previous password.

One more thing which i noticed in my GUI was the password expiry date it was "1 Jan 1971" .



When a PuTTY session was opened, a warning message that the passwords had expired was shown.  I was able to enter the new passwords at this point. Returning to VAMI, the expiration date now showed "24 Jan 2020", and it was now possible to change the passwords via the GUI.



GUI password change issue not sure if we can address to be a bug which VMware need to look PSC and VC version 6.5.





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