Is it possible to configure Skyline advisor to set emails out on a schedule?  ie - Send me a weekly schedule of all critical + moderate severity findings in my environment to x email addresses?  … (Show more)
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Hi,   I get an error when I try to update skyline Current Version:   Error: Failed to check for updates(Error downloading manifest. Please contact your vendor. OpenSSL SSL_connect:… (Show more)
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Hello, Since 9 days our skyline advisor findings are not getting updated anymore. Collectors status are all healthy. Do you experience the same ? Have you got opportunity to open a ticket to… (Show more)
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So we had a critical finding come up for our hosts, some are 6.5 and some are 6.7 that there is a driver update required to correct an issue.   I download the package and create a baseline, attach… (Show more)
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Hello   i am getting this errors on skyline health tab , what could be the reason " Unable to query vSphere health information. Check vSphere Client logs for details
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Skyline advisor doesn't show me detailed information. After some searching I found the customer ID in Skyline collector and the one in Skyline advisor do not match. How do I get them to match? I… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have Skyline build 14617436 and I am trying to access the web portal and the connection keeps timing out. I ran the command to restart the network and it worked for a bit that I… (Show more)
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Skyline is reporting that my log level is to high at level 2, yet the description says level 2 is okay.    
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When adding a vCenter Server to SkyLine collector, I'm getting the following error: Http failure response for https://FQ/api/v1/manage/collection:   ... 54 common frames omitted   at… (Show more)
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I am not seeing SaaS Production Support-Request for vmc on aws  in Skyline 2.1 view. Missing configuration? Thanks
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