I am not seeing SaaS Production Support-Request for vmc on aws  in Skyline 2.1 view. Missing configuration? Thanks
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Hi   This appears to be a common problem from a quick peruse of the forum!   I am trying to add a vCenter server to the Skyline collector appliance but I can't find the correct combination of… (Show more)
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Receive error:  ERROR [qtp1852661033-14] c.v.f.c.c.SkylineCollector [] [] Couldn't download manifests. Collector can't be started. Returning to state: STATE_STOPPED  … (Show more)
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I recieved an email telling us 'Skyline Collector Password Expiring soon' But I can't find how to change the password.   When I login to the skyline collector I can't find a change password option… (Show more)
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In the past the only way for our shop to upgrade vRNI is to follow Offline upgrade.  This time around the platform upgrades fine but the   Problem: ElasticSearch javaservice is not running.… (Show more)
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Regarding the Upgrade Recommendations I am assuming that it does not interrogate the HCL before making the recommendation in which case it cannot be totally relied upon?
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I just started seeing this message for all collection tasks, VC_CHANGE, VC_HOSTS, VC_EXTRA, and VC_EVENTS :   Message The endpoint certificate could not be validated due to exception Could not get… (Show more)
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Hola a todos   Me puede ayudar a informar como puedo registrar un VCENTER al Skyline   Me sale el siguiente error       Ya he validado usuarios, calves, permisos, roles validado conexion a… (Show more)
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Actual error is...   “There was an error while trying to add your vCenter: "Certificate validation timed out." Please try a different configuration.”   The vCenter server I am trying to add is a… (Show more)
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