So I received a warning pop up after connecting a USB 3.0 usb stick to a USB 3.0 port on a guest which I only have usb2.0 support enabled.   I assume that was the origin of the notification.   I was… (Show more)
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Hi   I need to run Workstation on a Windows 7 32bit host machine, and as far as I understand 11.x was the last Version that supported this OS.   Workstation versjon 7.0 til 11.0:… (Show more)
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Hi Gurus,   I have a 2 node ESXi Host Cluster managed by vcenter. I am running ESXi 6.5 U2. Both the ESXi is managed by vcenter and both the ESXi is showing as green in the vcenter console. Both the… (Show more)
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Hello friends:     I have the following concern: I have a stand alone esxi version 6.7 server; I had to manage via ssh on the server to set up a trust relationship, and after a while the session… (Show more)
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Hi, thin provisionning :  vdmk can't increase even though there's plenty of space in the datastore. and i can't créate new vm on it : message : no free space appear, i have 10 TO left i rescan… (Show more)
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I want to clone a VM but I do not see the option in my version of VSphere 5.0 when I right click on the VM. How can I clone?  
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Hello Gurus,   I have an external HDD I can read it's contents while attaching it to my Laptop, but when I attach it to one of my ESXi hosts so I can attach it to a VM and tries to access the Hard,… (Show more)
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Hi has anyone seen this issue, I have installed VM tools onto a guest windows 10 VM. Once installed it goes black the console and I cannot manage it. If you have come across this issue and resolved… (Show more)
I'm trying to play a game in my Windows 10 64x VM, if there is any GPU related crash happens in the VM, my host computer can also crash or get a bsod? I'm trying to protect my host GPU, I'm total… (Show more)
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Not sure what i missed.   I tried USB 1.1, 2, 3 and the device does not load.   It is an USB dongle.   it was working fine before the update. Please advice. 
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