Hello Folks,   Currently I'm setting a Password policy on our ESXi host 6.7, however I'm unable to find the setting that a password history of at least 4 is being retained. Is there any specific… (Show more)
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Hello,   I currently have two servers each with 3 M10's installed that I use currently with Horizon. I'm looking at upgrading the GPU's but I will have a power issue replacing the 3 M10's with 3 RTX… (Show more)
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Hi,   Can anyone explain why they specify VLAN 1647 and 1648 as Transport VLANs on the Uplink Profiles? Ref. Create Uplink Profiles   They have already specified VLAN 1649 as the Transport VLAN.… (Show more)
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Hey All,   A popular topic of conversation in a meeting today was around which BOM is intended to be the source of truth now that VCF/VVD have merged more/less.  When looking at VVD of course… (Show more)
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Well... I guess this question would be troublesome.   The VCF 4.0 planning & preparation workbook stated that the management domain shall follow the minimum requirements in figure below: But in… (Show more)
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Hello , is it possible to capture VM physical disk placement information which is on the VM monitoring tab on vCenter UI with powercli ?  
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