Hi,   we currently have an on-premise horizon plattaform running on version 7.11. The desktops are delivered via instant clones. The main problem we have is the web camera is showing black and… (Show more)
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Good morning,   Not sure if anyone’s run into this before, but here’s the situation. We installed the machine version of Teams on the reference image, and it works perfectly fine until we interduce… (Show more)
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Seeing if anyone has a solution to this while I wait for support to finally respond.   On Horizon 9.7, App Volumes 2.18, UEM, 9.8 Have two pools, Windows 7 32-bit, and Windows 10 LTSC 64-bit.… (Show more)
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Hi,   We are running server VM's on a VMware Cluster. We are running VDI VM's (Horizon) on another VMWare Cluster running. The clusters are managed by a service provider. All I know is that they… (Show more)
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Has anyone created an app volume for this?   It appears to provision correctly.   I'm having a great amount of difficulty, keeps running an installer when launched from a session.   Windows 10… (Show more)
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We are currently building a new GM for Windows 10 1909. I have used the official VMware guide to set everything up with OSOT and have used a customized template derived from the 1909 template that… (Show more)
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