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This is occuured when upgrade VCSA6.0 to VCSA 6.5 if vpostgress have customize DB


connect with VCDB


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run command


VCDB=# \dv


Check how many view item there , then cascade it.


Test to manually suppress VPXV_VMS view in VCDB



ERROR:  cannot drop view vpxv_vms because other objects depend on it

DETAIL:  view "DCS_BV_VIEW3" depends on view vpxv_vms

HINT:  Use DROP ... CASCADE to drop the dependent objects too.


NOTICE:  drop cascades to view "DCS_BV_VIEW3"



ERROR:  view "vpxv_vms" does not exist

VCDB=# \q

root@VC [ /var/log/vmware/vpxd ]#





Getting the below error while starting the vCenter services.

vmware-vpxd: Waiting for vpxd to start listening for requests on 8089

Waiting for vpxd to initialize: ..........................................................Fri Aug 17 15:00:05 EDT 2018 Captured live core: /var/core/live_core.vpxd.2804.08-17-2018-15-00-05

[INFO] writing vpxd process dump retry:2 Time(Y-M-D H:M:S):2018-08-17 19:00:03

.Fri Aug 17 15:00:16 EDT 2018 Captured live core: /var/core/live_core.vpxd.2804.08-17-2018-15-00-16

[INFO] writing vpxd process dump retry:1 Time(Y-M-D H:M:S):2018-08-17 19:00:15



vmware-vpxd: vpxd failed to initialize in time.

vpxd is already starting up. Aborting the request.


Stderr =

2018-08-17T19:00:26.608Z {

"resolution": null,

"detail": [


"args": [

"Command: ['/sbin/service', u'vmware-vpxd', 'start']\nStderr: "


"id": "install.ciscommon.command.errinvoke",

"localized": "An error occurred while invoking external command : 'Command: ['/sbin/service', u'vmware-vpxd', 'start']\nStderr: '",

"translatable": "An error occurred while invoking external command : '%(0)s'"



    "componentKey": null,

"problemId": null


ERROR:root:Unable to start service vmware-vpxd, Exception: {

"resolution": null,

"detail": [


"args": [



"id": "install.ciscommon.service.failstart",

"localized": "An error occurred while starting service 'vmware-vpxd'",

  "translatable": "An error occurred while starting service '%(0)


Solution need to check domain controller connectivity between VC/PSC


cpu2:32999)0x4390c119b660:[0x4180163128c3]VTDQISync@vmkernel#nover+0xf7 stack: 0x1

cpu2:32999)0x4390c119b6a0:[0x4180163137b2]VTDIRWriteIRTE@vmkernel#nover+0x8e stack: 0x2e

cpu2:32999)0x4390c119b6d0:[0x418016313895]VTDIRSteerVector@vmkernel#nover+0x61 stack: 0x43004d129f10

cpu2:32999)0x4390c119b700:[0x4180162e96c9]IOAPICSteerVector@vmkernel#nover+0x59 stack: 0x1c00

cpu2:32999)0x4390c119b740:[0x418016057514]IntrCookie_SetDestination@vmkernel#nover+0x174 stack: 0x4


VMware Knowledge Base

In the vpxd.log file, you see entries similar to:


2012-04-02T13:07:49.438+02:00 [02248 info 'Default' opID=66183d64] [VpxLRO] -- BEGIN task-internal-252 -- -- vim.SessionManager.acquireSessionTicket -- 52fa8682-47e0-2566-fb05-6192cb2c22f9(5298e245-ffb6-f7f8-e8a0-dedfbe369255)
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 info 'Default'] [VpxLRO] -- BEGIN task-internal-253 -- host-94 -- VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO.Synchronize --
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 warning 'Default'] [VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO] Connection not alive for host host-94
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 warning 'Default'] [VpxdInvtHost::FixNotRespondingHost] Returning false since host is already fixed!
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 warning 'Default'] [VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO] Failed to fix not responding host host-94
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 warning 'Default'] [VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO] Connection not alive for host host-94
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 error 'Default'] [VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO] FixNotRespondingHost failed for host host-94, marking host as notResponding
2012-04-02T13:07:49.579+02:00 [02068 warning 'Default'] [VpxdMoHost] host connection state changed to [NO_RESPONSE] for host-94
2012-04-02T13:07:49.610+02:00 [02248 info 'Default' opID=66183d64] [VpxLRO] -- FINISH task-internal-252 -- -- vim.SessionManager.acquireSessionTicket -- 52fa8682-47e0-2566-fb05-6192cb2c22f9(5298e245-ffb6-f7f8-e8a0-dedfbe369255)
2012-04-02T13:07:49.719+02:00 [02068 info 'Default'] [VpxdMoHost::SetComputeCompatibilityDirty] Marked host-94 as dirty.


This issue may occur if heartbeat packets are not received from the host before the one minute timeout period expires. These heartbeat packets are UDP packets sent over port 902.


This issue may also occur when the Windows firewall is enabled and the ports are not configured.



To resolve this issue, check the Windows Firewall on the vCenter Server machine. If ports are not configured, disable the Windows Firewall.


If ports are configured, verify if network traffic is allowed to pass from the ESXi/ESX host to the vCenter Server system, and that it is not blocking UDP port 902.


To perform a basic verification from the guest operating system perspective:
  1. Click Start > Run, type wf.msc, and click OK. The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Management console appears.
  2. In the left pane, click Inbound Rules.
  3. Right-click the VMware vCenter Server -host heartbeat rule and click Properties.
  4. In the Properties dialog, click the Advanced tab.
  5. Under Profiles, ensure that the Domain option is selected.

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In the /var/log/hostd.log file, you see entries similar to:

Failed to get physical location of SCSI disk: Failed to get location information for naa.600c0ff00025d308b29de55501000000lsu-hpsa-plugin Unknown error


  • The /var/log/vpxa.log file contains errors similar to:
YYYY-MM-DDT<time> warning vpxa[7DD7FB70] [Originator@6876 sub=hostdcnx] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Could not resolve version for authenticating to host agent</time>
YYYY-MM-DDT<time> verbose vpxa[FFD40AC0] [Originator@6876 sub=hostdcnx] [VpxaHalCnxHostagent] Creating temporary connect spec: localhost:443</time>
YYYY-MM-DDT<time> verbose vpxa[FFD40AC0] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxXml] [VpxXml] Error fetching /sdk/vimServiceVersions.xml: 503 (Service Unavailable)</time>
YYYY-MM-DDT<time> warning vpxa[FFD40AC0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Closing Response processing in unexpected state: 3</time>
This issue occurs when the upgrade replaces the new esx-base, but keeps the higher version of the lsu plugins
This issue is resolved in VMware ESXi 6.0 Update 3
VMware Knowledge Base