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Unable to vMotion a virtual machine from one host to another. vMotion activity fails with the following error:-

Error code “The source detected that the destination failed to resume.
Heap dvfilter may only grow by 33091584 bytes (105325400/138416984), which is not enough for allocation of 105119744 bytes
vMotion migration [-1407975167:1527835473000584] failed to get DVFilter state from the source host <>
vMotion migration [-1407975167:1527835473000584] failed to asynchronously receive and apply state from the remote host: Out of memory.
Failed waiting for data. Error 195887124. Out of memory


As a workaround configure a larger Heap size on a suitable target host (that can be rebooted after making the changes)

-To increase the Heap Size use type the following command on the target host.
esxcfg-module -s DVFILTER_HEAP_MAX_SIZE=276834000 dvfilter
-This requires a reboot of the ESXi host to take effect.
- Once the target host is up try vMotion the affected VM again to the target host and see if it's successful.


This is a known issue that the NSX team have been working upon for a while. As per VMware the default heap size is increased in ESXi 6.7 to resolve this issue.