In the Avamar Administrator interface a Virtual Machine is labeled with its VMX file location instead of


its VM name (000485609)


Avamar Client for VMware



Issue: The VM name is displayed incorrectly for random VMs on the Avamar GUI.


The VM name can be seen similar to:




In vpxd log file, you see many references to VmRemovedEvent and VMRenamedEvent:


grep "Invalid host event" vpxd-*.log | grep "vim.event.VmRenamedEvent"
grep "Invalid host event" vpxd-*.log | grep "vim.event.VmRemovedEvent"



Currently, there is no resolution.

VMware is aware of this issue and is co-working with Backup solution teams to provide a solution.

To work around the issue, use these options:

  • Avoid vMotion for the backed up virtual machines.
  • Correct the backup set when necessary.
  • KB (2148378)