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Finally VMware  released tool to check VMware Maximum's .This is very helpful for everyone who loves and working on VMware environment . Until prior to this tool we always searching for VMware configuration maximums document and now this tool  made our life easier.

About  Tool

This tool is a web based tool  , you can access it from wed address complete information is accessible thorough this page . By using this tool we can avoid search of each time for the any configuration information  and  keeping offline data on excel sheet or as pdf .

Also this tool allow us to compare the different vSphere versions configuration maximums and export the data to excel sheet . This is really helpful to understand the enhancement across versions and plan for VMware Infrastructure upgrade .

Supported VMware Versions

This tool contains vSphere 6.0, 6.5, and 6.5 Update1 configuration maximums details .


How to Access and Use the  Tool

Open the Web Browser and bowse the URL

Click on Get Started

Choose the Product and Version from the left pane .

Default it will be selected All Maximums or You can Choose the required Component and Click on View Limits

Compare Configuration Maximums

Click the Compare Limits button at the top of the page

Select the Product and vSphere version from Left pane

Choose the Target vShere Versions  from drop-down menu.

Click the Compare button.

New Page will be Appear with Result and You can export the data to excel sheet

What's Next

We can except the tool will come with New Features , More Products  which will be very usable for VMware Customers and Engineers .

We can see there is Login Option and that is only For VMware Employee . If this option available for Customers and they should get the  Configuration Maximum and Upgrade path of their subscription will be very useful  .

VMware Configuration Maximums Tool - VMARENA

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