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blog location changed

Posted by Paule83 Oct 24, 2011

for anyone who might be reading my blog posts, I got a new domain, which I will be using for my blog from now on.

Please visit: for future posts and discussion.

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VBLOCK is here!

Posted by Paule83 Sep 24, 2011

We just got our very first VBLOCK.

A few days after a very informative trip to Cork (EMC / VCE headquaters and production site in Ireland), we ordered our very first VBLOCK (many to follow).

After we placed the order, many documents were waiting to get filled out by us.

As we will use the VBLOCK as a home for our new cloud offering to customers, extending their production server LAN to the VBLOCK and securing it is our primary task.

German BSI institute offered a real tough hardening guide for the VBLOCK, so we still have a lot of work to do, but first test showed some of the real potential of the VBLOCK.

We will be using vCloud Director to make the lenghty process of deploying machines a task of a few minutes.

vShield will take care of the security withing the vSphere worl, the rest is done by Cisco switches, VLANs and our firewalls.


I am currently looking forward to monday, when I will get my hands on this astonishing piece of hard- and software again.


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Blocksize matters!

Posted by Paule83 Feb 24, 2011

After having some performance problems during the migration of VMs from several FC datastores to FATA datastores and back, I did a performance analysis.

With the help of Duncan Epping from Yellow Bricks Blog and his Article about blocksize ( )

and some other users of the VMware Forums, I changed the blocksize on all effected datastores to match each other.

This led to an enormous performance boost during storage vmotion, as shown in the following table:


SVmotion of a 15GB VM on a HP EVA 8100 Array, containing 145x300GB FC disks in 1 diskgroup and 40x1TB FATA disks in a second diskgroup



FromToDuration in minutes
FC datastore 1MB blocksizeFATA datastore 4MB blocksize08:01
FATA datastore 4MB blocksizeFC datastore 1MB blocksize12:49
FC datastore 4MB blocksizeFATA datastore 4MB blocksize02:36
FATA datastore 4MB blocksizeFC datastore 4MB blocksize02:24


As you can see, having the same blocksize on all datastores involved in a storage vmotion process greatly improves the performance.

Keep this in mind, when setting up new datastores, as even if you configure a large blocksize on a small datastore which could take a smaller one, this does not impact the performance at all.


The discussion about the blocksize and the performance was done here.



Thanks to Duncan Epping and ThompsG from the VMware forums for their fast and detailed help.



Thomas (Paule)

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VSP, VTSP done

Posted by Paule83 Jun 11, 2010

My group leader just informed me, that we were about to lose our VMware Partner status, as we needed 1 VSP and 1 VTSP in addition to our 2 VCPs (me and a colleague).

It took me about 3 hours to complete the two courses, as the VCP knowledge came in very handy.


So now, as I am a VCP, VSP and VTSP, I'm a able to provide everything that's required to become a VMware Partner.

During the monthly audits of our ESX performance, we had to create a table with statistics of the last month, maximum and average load of CPU and memory.

Doing this by hand was really taking a lot of time, as you have to do this for every single host, both cpu and memory seperately.


So I took a script from LucD, edited it and added the things I needed, including the results being mailed to me.


Get the script, fill in the requiered information and see yourself, the svc file created is just fine for creating some nice performance charts.

While updating to VSphere, we upgraded the virtual hardware to 7 and the vmware tools to the most up to date version.


After the reboot, VSphere exchanged the old NICs against some new vmxnet3, no problem so far, unless you are using the following scenario und Windows OSes.

1st NIC used for production network.

2nd NIC used for backup purpose or something else.


Due to security issues, we disabled all network sharing and DNS bindings for the 2nd NIC, making it just capable of contacting the backup server and set the 1st NIC to be the primary (advanced network settings).


While exchanging the NICs during hardware upgrade, the order of the NICs got messed up, causing us a lot of DNS problems, applications not being able to contact a server etc.


So while upgrading the hardware version, using more than 1 NIC, check the order of NICs after the upgrade!

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Just Passed VCP 410

Posted by Paule83 Feb 15, 2010

After 2 days off from work for training at home, I just managed to pass my VCP 410.


Let's see, how long it will take, until VMware sends me my stuff. 






So this is the beginning of my journey in the vmware community.