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New York City 12:35 PM

  • Phone Number(917) 385-4259
  • &
  • ExpertiseResponsible for designing, implementing, managing, supporting & troubleshooting an enterprise VMware vSphere 6.5 virtual infrastructure with a Microsoft Windows environment for 2 private Universities including: More than 1500 VMs, vCenter, ESXi, Horizon View 7.1 (VDI), Windows Servers 2012 R2/Windows 10 Client, AD DC, DNS, DHCP, GPO, VCSA, Horizon 7 GPO Bundle, ThinApp, Persona Management, UEM, Virtual Printing, App Volumes, Storage, Datastores, Mirage, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, HA, DRS, vMotion, Network Switches (VSS) (VDS), vShield Endpoint, PowerShell (PWS) & PowerCLI scripting.
  • BiographyEDUCATION: Graduated/Certified since May 06, 2002 (VCA-DCV) (A.A.S) (MCSE) (MCSA) (MCP) (A+)
  • Home Address
    New York City, NY U.S.A



Skills and Expertise

  • a.a.s
  • a+
  • mcp
  • mcsa
  • mcse
  • vca-dcv

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