Real Problem in VMware SRM 6.5.1 version post installation and configuration faced in customer environment.


Error: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.

Cause: Cannot retrieve SRM properties


--> Connecting with an SSO-based account works without errors or connectivity issues.




This is a known issue with Active Directory authentication from Single Sign On.


To fix this issue, required service account to configure identity source to use Active Directory as LDAP Authentication.


1. Login to the vSphere Web Client as administrator@vsphere.local

2. From the home location, navigate to >>Administration >>Single Sign-on >>Configuration and select the Identity Sources tab

3. Click the green + to add an Identity source

4. In the Identity Source page, select Active Directory as a LDAP Server.

5. Fill in the Identity Source Settings information for your Active Directory domain

Name: Label for identification
Base DN for users: The Distinguished Name (DN) of the starting point for directory server searches. Example: If your domain name is domain.internal the DN for the entire directory is "DC=domain, DC=internal".
Domain name: Your domain name. Example: "domain.internal"
Domain alias: Your netbios name. Example: "AA"
Base DN for groups: The Distinguished Name (DN) of the starting point for directory server searches.
Primary server URL: AD Server URL. You can either query the local directory (Port 389), or the global catalog (Port 3268). Example: "ldap://DC01.domain.local:3268"
Secondary Server URL: “ldap://DC02.domain.local:3268”
Username: A user in the AD Domain with at least browse privileges. Example AA\vCenterSSO

6. Click Finish.

7. After clicking Finish, this should add the domain to the list

8. Now check the SRM properties login with domain id where given SRM access.


Refer VMware KB 2147590