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Recém saiu o VMware View 5.0, e com muitas mudanças interessantes.

Para quem está pensando em virtualizar seus desktops vale a pena testar o VMware View 5.0, que na minha opinião está excelente, inclusive na parte de PCoIP, que surpreendeu!!!!


VMware View 5.0 includes the following new features:

  • PCoIP WAN performance optimization - Improves PCoIP protocol performance in low-bandwidth WAN environments.  Users who connect to their desktops over an external WAN have enhanced desktop experience.
  • Support for 3D graphics on vSphere 5.0 - This  feature provides View desktops with vGPU graphics enablement available  on vSphere 5.0 platforms. View users can take advantage of desktop  graphics enhancements provided by AERO (such as peek, shake, and Flip  3D) and the 3D capabilities of Windows Office 2010 (such as picture  editing, slide transitions and animations, presentation-to-video  conversion, video embedding, editing, and 3D rotations).
  • View Persona Management - The View Persona  Management feature manages user profiles in a secure and centralized  environment.  (User profiles include user data and settings, application  data and settings, and Windows registry settings configured by user  applications.)  View Persona Management allows IT organizations to  simplify and automate the capture and management of a user's persona  while providing a rich user experience. View Persona Management offers  the following benefits:     
    • Provides a user profile that is independent of the virtual desktop. When a user logs in to any desktop, the same profile appears.
    • Lets you configure and manage personas entirely within View. You do not have to configure Windows roaming profiles.
    • Expands functionality and improves performance compared to Windows roaming profiles.
    • Minimizes login impact by downloading only the files that Windows requires, such as user registry files. Other files are copied to the local desktop when the user or an application opens them from the local profile folder.
    • Copies recent changes in the local profile to a remote profile  repository at configurable intervals, typically once every few minutes.
  • Updated client certificate checking for View clients - View  clients now follow the well-known browser model for handling  certificates,  displaying errors detected in the certificate presented  by View Connection Server, or in the certificate trust chain.  Administrators can set the Certificate verification mode group  policy to enforce strict certificate checking; if any certificate error  occurs, the user cannot connect to View Connection Server.  Alternatively, administrators can use the default Warn But Allow mode, which supports self-signed server certificates and lets users  connect to View Connection Server with certificates that have expired or  are not yet valid. If necessary, administrators can also set a No Security mode that lets users connect without certificate checking.
  • Support for vSphere 5.0
  • Support for hardware v8 - Remote View desktops can be hardware v8 virtual machines. Hardware v8 is not supported for desktops that run in local mode.
  • Removed support for HP RGS display protocol
  • Localization support for Korean. - View Client and the documentation, online help, and release notes are available in Korean.

Note: The version of View Client for Mac that was bundled with View  4.6 is also bundled with the View 5.0 release. This is the latest View  Client for Mac and is compatible with View 4.6 and View 5.0.


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