Hi, I'm trying to deploy VMware Cloud Foundation for delivering service to different users. This will be deploy in a datacenter with eight hosts. The main idea is that users can access the service… (Show more)
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Dear Experts,   I have a vcenter (windows based) version * C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vpxd>vpxd.exe -v VMware VirtualCenter 6.5.0 build-4944578 *   recently there is an power… (Show more)
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Simple question this one, I assume it is fine to rename IPset and all the other grouping objects without any issues? I believe its is fine but just wanted to check.   Thanks
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eeldivady I've found this method to set hotadd using Powercli but it only works up to Vsphere 6.5.  It doesn't work for latest 6.7 and… (Show more)
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Hi   Is there any extra steps required other than just renaming VDS and Datastore Name in VCenter for a NSX-T Workload Domain?   Thanks
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