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So, in 2020 I started this blog, my goal is to share some of my thoughts and predictions about where technology and the usage of that technology is going. I will try to share my thoughts on harnessing the technology and process currently available to fast track the delivery of services to become a strategic partner to business.


A little about me, I have been actively been working on some type of computer since 1991, while still at high school I developed a passion for blinking lights, if it be on a hard drive or a network router. Since then I have been developing skills to allow me to pursue any opportunity that presented itself. What I have found is that my skill set being extremely broad yet focused around process has allowed me to understand many aspects of Information Technology and allows me to adapt and learn as new technology comes to the fore.


During my career I have had the opportunity to act in many roles, these roles linked in some way to a business benefit that was either being developed, improved or being maintained. Customer Satisfaction and happiness in directly proportionate to how well these services meet expectations, you may have noticed I did not say requirements? Requirements are documented and measurable, what I am talking about is the perception of the service is meeting the business requirement. My experience has led me to cut though all the smoke and mirrors and evaluate if the expectation from a user can be met in a cost effective and efficient manner that will continue to deliver value to all parties in the future.


I will not get it right every time, but my goal is to provide a unique perspective on all things technology that we interface with and leverage to get us ahead of the pack. There will be some alignment with trends and technology where I see it adding value, but in my current role my perspective of where the industry is and what works or doesn’t is appreciated. Don’t take my perspective and forcefully apply it to your use cases, you need to develop your own perspective and understanding of your unique challenges.

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