Is there a way to migraste from windows vcenter 6.7 with external psc to a vcsa 6.7 appliance using embedded psc?   I ran the migrastion assistant and it ays 6.7 to 6.7 not supported
in vCenter™ Server
Basic question I know but result is shown in: esxcli software vib list | grep igbn
in vSphere Hypervisor
I have upgraded 6.5 to 6.7 vCenter and (19)ESXi host on Cluster1, any impact if I upgrade vds 6.5 to 6.7
in VMware vSphere™
Hi,   We are trying to install a certified management pack on vROps 7.5, there are a total of 12 dashboards we are providing with the Management Pack under the ../content/dashboards folder. After… (Show more)
in vRealize Operations Manager
Hello guys,   I'm a beginner in vRO and i came on this forum for having some helps :   I'm working on vRA/vRO 7.3 and i cannot retriieve the minimum and maximum CPU in Machine Resources of… (Show more)
in vRealize Orchestrator
Hi, Does anyone know how to press the Windows key in a Remote console or Web console? I need to press Windows+U. Thanks!
in VMware vSphere™
DB is not performing  since moving the DB partitions \ Virtual disks all to the 2nd SCSI controller.     database drives are all using SCSI1, system disk uses SCSI0   There were some issues prior… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Does VIB acceptance level affect whether or not a VIB can be installed or does it affect whether or not the modules from a VIB can run?   If I have a host with PartnerSupported VIB installed and I… (Show more)
in ESXi
Hi,   I would like to retrieve the status of a Windows service via VMTools and return it to vRO - is that possible?   Actually I can extend my question to "Can I catch the response of an OS… (Show more)
in vRealize Orchestrator
I have three esxi hosts running on some Dell R640s all the same config and all three hang (have not timed it but at least 5-10mins) at the nfs41client page, I've searched and can't find anything that… (Show more)
in ESXi
I am testing Network Insight and I have two problems.   1) How can I find out what is the reason of Partially Protected or Unprotected icons? Below my example. I can see that there is partially… (Show more)
in vRealize Network Insight
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