I install the 2 vCenter servers 6.7 in link mode with embedded PSC . i break the link mode. now both server are accessible individuals. but under license-> assets still both vcenter and hosts are… (Show more)
in vCenter™ Server
Hi Team,   i am trying to deploy NSX controller but i am getting error 70% , its says as vcoperationfailedexception: core-services:1500:operation failed on vc for more.   my NSX version is:6.4.5… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
Have a strange issue. We have DLR with multiple networks attached to it that has decided to stop forwarding traffic.   All of the configured networks can ping the DLR.   If you run a trace to… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
In vROps 6.7 I would like to create a license group based on OSI (vm), not CPU (host). I do not have enough licenses based on host cpu, but I do have enough licenses based on the number of vms.   In… (Show more)
in vRealize Operations Manager
Hi all,   First of all, it may be that this is not a vRA problem. The vRA AD integration actually works, which means that the computer object is created in the correct OU. The problem now is… (Show more)
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hi All,   in vRealize Operation Manager 7.5 when you create a custom group and hit the "Keep group membership up to date" a warning sign apper.   This warning message notice to you the refresh… (Show more)
in vRealize Operations Manager
Hello all,   I am getting ready to install a new Lenovo server that I purchased with vSphere Essentials Kit. I am aware it is limited to three physical servers. I have four physical boxes in total.… (Show more)
Hi there,   I have got my own license for ESXi from the eval centre and as far as I am aware that license does not expire, however nowhere do I see a mention for commercial use. What are the terms… (Show more)
in ESXi
Hi,     As we know that the VRA managed machines has the following fields:     How can we also include the IP address field here. Is there any way?   Regards, Sushma.
in vRealize Automation Tools
Hello Vmware communities,   Context :   1 Gitlab server 1 lifecycle Manager server 2.1 patch 2 vRO 1  v7.5  =>   my_vro_package_v1 vRO 2  v7.5  => my_vro_package_v2 vRO 3  v7.5  =>… (Show more)
Hello,   Noting that we're facing an issue with the vSphere web client after register NSX manager 6.4.5 with vCenter server 6.0 U3h (Windows version).   Each time the web client hang and go down,… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
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