SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware TSDR\default shares\f1\ I am mapping network drives automatically for users at logon using the registry key above.  It seems like after updating the horizon agent to 7.9… (Show more)
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Hi, I've updated my mac yesterday to the latest OS version and the VMware Horizon Client is crashing every time I lock the screen and sometimes even when I'm simply idle for a minute or two. Did… (Show more)
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Hi,   I experiment a strange issue regarding the screen resolution when I connect to a Windows 10 desktop through the Horizon MacOS client.   I open the app and log in to the Connection Server. I… (Show more)
in VMware View
I am trying to troubleshoot why a user can't use their Mac to establish a tunnel connection using VMWare Horizon Client for MacOS verison 5.1.  We have checked their Mac OS is the newest version… (Show more)
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I downloaded the Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019 ISOs the day they became available so I can start working on my templates.   I built the templates with EFI, paravirtual for the C drive and vmxnet3… (Show more)
in ESXi
Hey, We've in the process of upgrading to Horizon View 7.4 but are having intermittent issues with USB Redirection not pulling through.   The error in the Horizon client just says "USB Redirection… (Show more)
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Horizon 7.9, linked clone desktop pool.   After Recompose Gold image in the VMware Horizon Client disappears choice Remote display protocol (Microsoft RDP is offered by default). If change the… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
So this is odd. We upgraded our environment to 7.9 (connection servers, Composers, agents on images and UEM to 9.8) across the board. However now when we recompose, it seems to break the global… (Show more)
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