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VMware Technology Network is a sum of its’ many parts, and as I recently made public in the VMTN User Moderator Program, we do have members of our community who are committed to making sure our parts are well oiled and running smoothly. The moderators featured in this community volunteer their time and expertise to be sure that users are receiving valuable, relevant support, and the upmost respect. Their behind-the-scenes commitment leads VMTN to milestones like gaining 3 million plus users. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that.


Recently, we welcomed a new moderator to the ranks – virtualg_uk - which is a big deal because…

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 1.05.23 PM.png


They earn it through creating great content for an extended period of time… And then asking to be nominated. Further details can be found on the VMTN User Moderator Program community. He agreed to tell us a little bit more about himself and his on-going experience with VMware & VMTN.


Do you remember when you were first introduced to VMware?

I was first introduced to VMware products around 7-8 years ago, this was when the company I worked for were trialing ESXi 3.5 to reduce the hardware costs for a new public facing project. I was so intrigued by how it all worked “under the hood” that I asked to be involved with the installation.


What is your VMware expertise?

I have a variety of VMware certifications ranging from partner level VTSP-SV right through to VCIX-DCV. I’m currently in the middle of my VCDX-DCV application which I’m hoping will be ready for June.

I’m involved with the BETA testing and SME programs and I’ve worked with the majority of VMware products in some form over the years, but I currently focus on the vSphere/vSAN and vRealize product ranges.

I’ve also recently been accepted to work with the VMTN team as a VMTN user moderator.


What drives you to stay involved in VMTN?

VMware has one of the best technology communities in the world! Fellow moderators and daily visitors of the VMTN selflessly help others on issues of all varieties. It usually only takes a quick Google search to find a resolution to a problem on a community member’s blog, the VMTN forum, Slack channels or Twitter (Other social media platforms are available!). Essentially it’s this community spirit and my desire to give back to the community that attracts me to VMTN on a regular basis.


Are there any interactions in particular that you’ve had in the forums that capture the essence of community?

I see members replicating other people’s issues in their home labs to try to assist with troubleshooting. This obviously takes time and often costs financially. This level of interaction with the VMware community is what makes it so great to be part of.


What are some fun facts about you that we wouldn’t know looking at your profile?

I’m a bit of a car fan and can be found some weekends playing Battlefield, although I have a very poor online ranking (I’m working on that!)

Once my VCDX submission is complete I’m going to get back into target shooting. This is something I used to do a lot when I was younger but regret not getting back involved with!


Thanks virtualg_uk for sharing and capturing the community spirit so articulately.


For more from our newest moderator across our community ecosystem:


VMTN: virtualg_uk – on the right-hand side of the page select follow to keep up with his stellar VMTN activity, or message to reach out to him privately with any follow-up.

Twitter: @virtualg_uk


VMware Employees

The Ecosystem

Posted by KTbradley Dec 15, 2016

Hi all,


Something I believe in to my core is that community is not segmented. Being active in VMTN does not exclusively make one a VMTN community member, because this user is likely a vExpert, or a part of a soaring team on CloudCred, or a developer active in the {code} community. These cross-involvements makes all of us part of a bigger VMware community ecosystem. I support and want to enable users to branch out into the different areas of VMware's extensive ecosystem.


This week I bring eco-system opportunities to the top of VMTN's collective mind. (It's just this week and then I go back to believing VMTN is the king of community.)


Check it out, get involved, or stay involved, because...

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.24.05 AM.png




VMware Employees

New Communities

Posted by KTbradley Dec 5, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.31.58 PM.png

Start off your week by checking out a few of the newest communities on VMTN:

Consider these communities snow on an early winter morning. Never been touched and the perfect place to play, rack up points, and make some like-minded friends.

VMware Employees

Hello VMTN Users!

Posted by KTbradley Nov 16, 2016

Hello and welcome to the VMware Technology Network Community,


This technical resource is a service to connect you with like-minded customers, VMware employees, and the entire VMware ecosystem. We encourage you to engage with us in any and every way! We look forward to providing you support, scintillating conversation, and approximately 3 million other VMware users to bounce ideas and use cases off of. Join communities by opting in on this page and agreeing to our simple Community Terms of Use, then go ahead and start racking up points on our leaderboard! For questions about how this, and other features on communities work, visit our FAQ page.


In VMTN, we have over 30 Community Moderators committed to keeping community content spam free, kind & clean, and placing conversations into the right forums. They verify content is correct and are champions at answering questions, and at VMware we appreciate their volunteer service immensely. Beyond this, we have employee administrators for each community, collecting feedback, answering questions, and engaging with customers. When posting in VMTN, you can be assured that you will be heard.


I am the Community Manager, Katie Bradley. You can reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns at or by private messaging me at KTbradley. Follow communities (and me!) on Twitter for real time updates at @vKTBcommunity ; @VMTNcommunity ; and like our page on FB for the meatier news at I'll also be updating this blog as we make changes on VMTN and when I feel there is something significant to share with users, or if I find a community relevant meme (critical content), so please opt-in to following me if you'd like to receive those updates by visiting my profile and selecting Follow.


I look forward to engaging with all of you.


Thanks for coming,