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So here we have another topic in  to integrate the vROPs Manager with active directory. The steps mentioned below will guide, how to use your name as a username after integrating the vROPs with Active Directory of Microsoft.


Note -Select the Local User from top drop down menu

  • Click on Administration Menu and expend Access in left Panel.
  • Select Authentication Sources and select AD Source which you have integrated earlier. If not added earlier then Click on + icon and add AD Source.
  • To Edit AD Source, Click on pencil icon in right side.


  • In Source window, Click on Details highlighted below.


  • Here you will get two options (samAccountName & userPrincipleName) in Common Name drop down menu.


  • You need to choose Common Name as samAccountName if you want to login using short account name rather than email ID.


That’s all, Now from the logic screen you will get the another name on the top drop down menu, where Domain name also appears, select the domain, enter username and password of domain user, here we go -authenticated by AD.

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