Hello everyone,

Myself Harjit Singh. I am not the regular blogger but a serious reader to the information which making changes in the industry. I have gone through many blogs, posts and discussions and found that walking alongside the change for an industry is the only way to success. The world of IT is ever changing, and with the turn of every New Year IT teams around the world seize the opportunity to examine the latest technology trends and how they might be able to adopt them for their own organizations.

There are many trends which influence the Industry like Big Data, Data Virtualization or Cloud computing, IT Security and none other than IOT. Since data is genuinely at the core of all trends, virtualization of Data center remains in lime light.

There are many competitors in the market for DC virtualization but VMware being one of my favorite has dominated the market. It has proved the actual sense of DC virtualization and since last few years it has become the no. one in Data virtualization which is known as cloud computing.

Data virtualization which actually the need of today is decouples data from its underlying infrastructure for increased agility and reliability of the data. Virtualized data can be made seamlessly available any time anywhere across the entire IT spectrum – from traditional data centers to SaaS and private, hybrid, or public cloud structures. Cost and complexity are greatly reduced. Through incremental data capture and management of a single physical copy, unlimited virtual copies can be made available anywhere for instant access. Enabling companies also for a smooth transition to the cloud. A finely tuned central SLA console defines access rights, recovery and retention policies on an application level.