I was searching google about this, but i have found nothing which helped.

When running the shortcut on windows 7 (32 bit) you get :

C:\>C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -psc "C:\PowerCLI\vim.psc1" -noe -c ". \"C:\PowerCLI\Scripts\Initialize-VIToolkitEnvironment.ps1\""
Internal Windows PowerShell error.  COM initialization failed while reading Windows PowerShell console file with error 80010106.


Ok so what i do in order to get it running properly i start manually powershell console and type 2 lines

First start your PS console : START->RUN->cmd and enter " powershell "

after this just type those 2 lines :

add-PSSnapin -name   "Vmware.vimautomation.core"
. C:\PowerCLI\Scripts\Initialize-VIToolkitEnvironment.ps1


You are ready to go, it's all done

I hope that works for you.