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Great news!!!

You can register directly throught this site mentioned above. It's free of charge. Remember that other VMware forums are also organised in other countried. List and dates can be found here

If you have not patched your esx/esxi, do it!



Patch overview :

ESX3.5 and  ESX3.03 are safe.

Patch can be obtained here: (ESXi410-201104001 )

Unzip it and copy  files to your esxi box(you should have embeddedEsx directory after unpacking)

issue command:

esxupdate -m update

Make sure that host is in Maintenance  mode, and machines are powered off, or migrated to other host in cluster  if you have one. After installing all patches reboot your host.

After reboot check if patches were installed by typing:

esxupdate query -> you can read vmware manual regarding updating your host -> here is short manual for vihostupdate if you want to upgrade it using rcli like vMA

I was searching google about this, but i have found nothing which helped.

When running the shortcut on windows 7 (32 bit) you get :

C:\>C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -psc "C:\PowerCLI\vim.psc1" -noe -c ". \"C:\PowerCLI\Scripts\Initialize-VIToolkitEnvironment.ps1\""
Internal Windows PowerShell error.  COM initialization failed while reading Windows PowerShell console file with error 80010106.


Ok so what i do in order to get it running properly i start manually powershell console and type 2 lines

First start your PS console : START->RUN->cmd and enter " powershell "

after this just type those 2 lines :

add-PSSnapin -name   "Vmware.vimautomation.core"
. C:\PowerCLI\Scripts\Initialize-VIToolkitEnvironment.ps1


You are ready to go, it's all done

I hope that works for you.