Hi All,   I was trying to  upgrade ILO firmware but the host maintenance mode failed  with vmotion error   vMotion interfce 'vss.VMotion' on the "source" host does not have the recommended… (Show more)
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Hello,   Today, we have 3 ESXI servers in version 6.5 hosted at Online. For several weeks, for no reason, we have been experiencing the same problem on 2 ESXI. The network adapter on our local card… (Show more)
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I have 3 esxi host and host Each esxi host has 85% memory usage. I can't be sure I should get physical memory. how do I know?  these values are the value used or the value assigned to the virtual… (Show more)
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Hello, we hace a corporate enviroment and we only can access to vCenter web access with limited privileges.   I can't open a VM console with vCenter Web Console, using my laptop because, the console… (Show more)
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ESX 6.0 and vCenter 6.5 (Appliance) We have an AD user account that is supposed to be configured as Read Only within vCenter which is used for system monitoring. The application people were having… (Show more)
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Hello everybody. There is a problem, when starting the system. It a moment when stops loading ESXi. I see just vmkap i_v2_2_0_0_vmkernel_shim loaded successfully and in this moment booting stops.… (Show more)
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Hi I have some problems with the Backup of Windows Server VM's since i upgraded my Hardware. Before the Upgrade i used the VMware ESXi Version 5.5 U2 without any problem. Everything works fine, but… (Show more)
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