Using ESXi 5.5.  It used to have an NFS3 Datastore on a Windows Server that died.  So the Datastore shows up as inaccessible.  The Datastore was only used to hold ISO files that could be mapped to… (Show more)
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Hi folks,   Now a few weeks i have a problem with my vCenter and in particular after rebooting a host. What happens: After rebooting a host, and it comes back to vCenter it is responsive for about… (Show more)
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hi all, i still have a ooold server running esxi vsphere 5.1. now i wanted to add another vm to it with sata support wich is not supported before 5.5.   so i decided it was finaly time to… (Show more)
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Can someone tell me what can cause the ESXi Web UI to stop working?   Also what is the service related to Web UI and the relative log file to check for the Web Interface?   Ping and ssh are fine.… (Show more)
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Hi, I want to ask. After we upgrade the IBM System X3850 X5, our vmware esxi 6.7 did not recognize the datastore. Please kindly help me. It's urgent.     Best Regard   Hilman
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Please help!!! I am running into this weird installation issues with VCSA 6.5 / 6.7. No matter if I install externally PSC or embedded with vCenter, the process stuck at 80%.   I have VMUG… (Show more)
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