Hi There,  Please can someone advise if it is possible, I would like to import multiple VMs into the same vApp or Template in vCloud.  When testing i get this error...   Opening vCloud target:… (Show more)
Hi,   Can someone provide an indication on what is generating the following error when running ovftool to deploy a vm on a host in a vCenter?   Opening OVA source: /usr/local/path/to/ova/file.ova… (Show more)
I am trying to build the sample 3 tier application documented by Doug Baer on the Hands On Labs blog.    I've noticed a few differences from the article (HOL Three-Tier Application, Part 2 - DB… (Show more)
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Hi,   Is there any command to enable esxi shell? I found the commands that can be incorporated in the kickstart file while installing esxi to enable esxi shell. But want a command which will enable… (Show more)
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