I get the following error when trying to add a vROM to the skyline configuration.   "Endpoint test failed. -> cannot retry due to server authentication, in streaming mode"   The skyline user I… (Show more)
in Skyline Community
Hi Team, I'm seeking assistance with upgrade my current  Esxi on running multiple VMs on a single 1 TB  drive to an additonal 2 more of the same drives I bought. Right now I have the first disk in… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hi,   Preparing to upgrade my 6.5 environments to 6.7 U2 and have a question relating to the 6.7 U2 announcements regarding the depreciation of an external PSC.   My existing 6.5 environment… (Show more)
in vSphere Upgrade & Install
I'm trying to use groups to manage permissions on my vcenter 6.7 lab.If I add users to the builtin Administrators group, nothing happens. I've noticed administrator@vsphere.local account is give… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
I am panicing. I have no other explanation at this point. I am scared that I have been hacked.   I have three separate computers running ESXi 6.5 (old hardware). Today I was working without incident… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Our vSphere environments are predominantly Linux environments.  Particularly, Red Hat 6 & 7, occasionally RHEL5, other UNIX-based appliances and Windows.  We just upgraded the vCenter Server to 6.5,… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
hi,   would expect the respective physical switch port port to flap when uplink redundancy is lost, but it’s not.   PortGroup (used for vSAN) is setup with one uplink as Active (the one reported as… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hi,     I have a problem with HA configuration. My installation is: vCenter 6.7 Essentials PLUS 2 Esxi 6.7 6 Essentials Plus     resources are: CPU:     Capacity: 67.17 GHz ; Used 783 MHz ;… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hey guys,   We have recently upgraded ESXi on all our servers in the cluster from ESXi 6.5 to ESXi 6.7 Update1 (EP7 build) and since then we are seeing issues on multiple VMs (linux vms) that are… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hi all.   I just inherited this vcenter 5.5 system and am tasked to get it 6.0 (going from Windows server to VCSA appliance).  I've started with the convenient U2M package and have the Migration… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
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