Источник: Persistent vs. Non-persistent Virtual Desktops

Рекомендую прочитать полную версию статьи, приведенной как источник. Здесь же я приведу только плюсы и минусы от использования Persistent и Non-Persistent Virtual Desktops:

  • Persistent Desktop Pros and Cons:

What’s the benefit of a persistent desktop? What you do from session to session sticks with you. What’s the downside to persistent desktops? Persistent desktops could potentially become an administrative nightmare. The amount of disk space needed to maintain this setting will grow and datacenter storage doesn’t come cheap. Patching and upgrades are now necessary for each persistent image and this can eat up tons of man hours, which usually occur after hours.

  • Non-Persistent Desktop Pros and Cons:

What’s the benefit of non-persistent desktops? Patches and upgrades are more easily applied to a single image in a resource pool of virtual desktops which cuts the man hours required for management. The downside would be having to sync roaming profile changes between multiple sessions. The time it takes to log on will gradually increase with the amount of changes that are applied and updated to each profile.