Its a pass again & earned VCIX-DCV. I should say that there was no too much struggle as many of us would have experienced during the DCA|DCD version 5/5.5 preparations & exams !! Many lab topics and objectives which was hard to achieve few years back using budget home labs are pretty easy to achieve in today's time with HOLs. And also the exam look & format is similar to HOL, hence it is really comfortable in taking up the exam.


Hints --> pretty much known to most of the candidates taking up VCAPs and I see that the count has increased a lot these days!! Though a point I will always stress is to book a first slot available & dont push it to the noon or close to EOD hours to avoid unexpected latency's


Materials listed below are really vital & played key role for me in getting myself equipped for taking up the VCAP6-DCV deploy exam !!


Overall its a perfect closure for this year & though I was getting chances in the Public clouds/DevOps related projects, I intentionally kept myself away from mastering those. The Only reason is ? thats the plan for Year 2018.


I Wish you all a wonderful new year & happy holidays !!



Arvinth Rajkumar Ravi.