One of the toughest VCAP exam I would say. I promise if you are up to this certification then you will get to learn a lot from networking point of view and this is more than a VMware Advanced Lab exams as it involves lots of networking stuffs. Many VCIX-NV people had already talked a lot about the exam, formats and stuffs to concentrate so apart from those I have some points out of my experience.


  • Though we are going to cover the complete blueprint sections and we are 100% with the in and out of NSX-v, it is not going to be enough is what I've learned after giving the exam.
  • Spend a minute to read the question completely as I see for few labs understanding the topology is very much important to achieve the requirement.
  • I read somewhere in a blog when it has been mentioned that there are no dependencies between questions but it’s not 100% true of course there are some dependent questions
  • Use hands on labs as you like not only by following the lab manuals but also by trying out different topologies which will definitely help you for sure.


The study materials I used are..


The experience that we get starting from the preparation until giving the exam is really a fun, especially when the result is positive & thankfully I was able to tackle this big guy successfully.



Arvinth Rajkumar Ravi.