Friends , this is a late post sharing my VCAP-DCD experience since i passed the exam in the month of July. I was engaged on my personal works that kept away from my laptop :-).


About the exam:- Tough yes, I am an administrator basically and not a designer, it took some time for me to sit for design exam since last October I cleared my VCAP-DCA to prepare myself to look at things like a designer. I think the time i took is good and I recommend not to rush, for me the slow transition worked out.

By this time all would have known with the structure and the pattern of the exam VDCD510  so there is nothing new i could say. But one important bug i noticed in the exam visio tool is " while i revisited to see the corrections i made with my design, BOOM BOOM My corrections was not there. still it was showing the old status" I had this on 2 design scenario's I worked. Not sure if this has fixed, So be careful and to revisit twice to see if the corrections you have made persist.


Obviously there is no end to say this preparation is enough for the exam, below are the materials i choosed and sticked to it & did not go vein.


  • VMware vSphere Design 2nd Edition Mar 2013 by Forbes Guthrie and Scott Lowe
  • VMware design workshop student manual
  • Train-signal videos on Designing VMware Infrastructure
  • Brown-bag video series
  • Talking about compute,network,storage designs with the design experts, Luckily i got a chance to sit for a small environment design.


I've started my preparations for VCDX. I learned that it needs tremendous amount of effort & knowledge, but I hope to achieve it.

Finally I wish you all the very best for the exam & good luck.