To read about the VCDX3 certification see previous posts:


This post is specific for VCDX4 certification, considering the full path (not the VCDX3 upgrade path).


Some days ago VMware change the default page of VCDX certification pointing to VCDX4 instead of VCDX3.

And also has publish some useful docs:

The first has just the same content of the web page (with a wrong info in "Recommended Courses"). So seems better read directly from the web page...

The second explain the Defense steps. Sone changes from previous defense.

The third is the new application form. Several changes from previous versions.


What's new?

A well now difference is that VMware no longer requires qualifying exams to be taken in a specific sequence. However, required exams must be passed before the submitting the VCDX4 Application.

Admin and Design exam can be scheduled online (not sure for DCA exam, because the exam booking seems to go still by phone) and give individual certifications (VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD).

Those exams are quite different from previous versions (DCA is 100% lab based, DCD has more design aspects and more than one "Visio diagram").


Most of VMware steps seems to be removed, so now the Application is open to all who qualify. There is no longer a requirement to receive an invitation to apply. Seems good... but also strange. In VCDX3 there where some specific dates to application submission... Now?


But the big difference is on the Defense: unlike previous years, currently, there are no plans to have VCDX Defenses coinciding with the VMworld events in 2011 at this time. This could be more flexibility, or maybe date and places are choose according with design submission? But could also mean less opportunity.

Note that invitations to apply are no longer required. So the only way to know a possible data is bookmark the official page ( and check back for more VCDX Defense date/location postings. Or stay tuned on twitter or on the community.


And what about the Application Form? It seems less structured than the previous versions. A lot of pieces are missing, and I suppose that they now must be fit in the Design Documents. Good from several point of view... But dangerous if you forget something.

Actually there aren't any templates for the Design Documents, but I think that the part that has been removed from the Application, must be put those documents. For some hints are in my previous post ( and Duncan Epping article (

Other docs?

Seems that two more documents will be released:

  • VCDX4 Blueprint - coming soon
  • VCDX4 Defense Prep Tips - coming soon

I suppose that the second one will be similar of the previous "VCDX3_Defense_Prep-2010_06_17.pdf".

I'm curios on what will be in the first one... I hope that is will be a template or at least a track for the design documents.

How long does it take?

When also the date for defense will be available, probably the right time could be 6-9 months, as written also in: