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    Troubles with selinux, may be bug ?

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      I have noticed, even with the previous v2 version (beta 2), and confirmed now with RC1, a problem with a host running Linux and Selinux : /var/log/messages is empty. My conf is : Centos 5.2 64 bits, selinux=enforcing, Vmware RC1 installed.



      When I switch selinux to permissive, /var/log/messages is filled by syslogd, without any problem. When I come back to "enforcing", /var/log/messages is empty.



      I thought this problem was independent of Vmware, but :

      1) my other Centos server, without Vmware, and with selinux enforced, have no problem,

      2) I found this thread : http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=1772 , in which vmware is quite suspected, by manipulating /etc/services file.



      Has anybody seen this problem ? Is it a Vmware bug, or a Linux conf problem ?