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    vmware refuses host-software/fake-raid as physical guest-disk?

    peterpilsl Novice


      I run a linux host-server (vmware-server 1.0.6) and need to setup a VM with 500GB mirrored harddisk. So I decided to use a physical disk and not a virtualdisk for performance-issues and my plan was the following:






      i) set up a raid1 on the host-system.



      ii) use this raid-disk as physical disk for the gues-system where I can access it as sda



      But the plan does not work. Vmware refuses to accept my raid-device as physical disk.



      I tried to different approaches:



      1) create pure software-raid /dev/md0  with mdadm



      2) use the pseudo-raid-adapter on my tyan-board where the raid-device is  /dev/mapper/isw_cihbfgdiag_guest then.



      Both devices are not accepted in the add-hardware-wizard. I even tried to manually edit the vmdk-files to smuggle in the correct device, but vmware complains : "Failed to retrieve disk information for" .






      My questions:



      • is there a way to use a host-raid as physical disk for the guest?  how or why not?



      • does it even make sense what I'm attempting to do. I could easily setup a software-raid in the guest-system, but I thought it might be much faster, if I do so in the host-system. (disk I/O seems to be much faster/cheaper on the host than on the guest)