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      • 60. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
        ordex Lurker


        it worked!!

        Thank you!



        • 61. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
          drifty Lurker

          I have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT40ZP and I am trying to enable VT. Anyone have ideas on how I could do this?  Current BIOS R0190F0. Thanks

          • 62. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
            Puster2 Lurker


            Could you post a link to that ISO again please?

            I only get the message that it is not available anymore.



            Thank you




            • 63. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio

              Sorry; I need to figure out how to get around the automatic removal of old files.  Try it now.

              • 64. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                Puster2 Lurker


                Thank you. It worked now.






                • 65. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                  Puster2 Lurker


                  Got it done now to. Here's my input for the list:



                  VGN-AR51E - BIOS: R1050J8 - Reg: 027F



                  Thank you for the help in here.



                  • 66. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                    soneil66 Lurker


                    RE: AR21S/BIOS v. R200J6/R0200J6/Register 0195






                    Has this issue ever been resolved? The index of register edits for the Sony VAIO AR21S always references BIOS version R200J6 (available from Sony for the AR31S) and register 0195. However, the file currently available for download indicates BIOS version R0200J6. And the BIOS log from symcmos indicates that register 0195 is already set to "0001." When running the Vmware CPU tool however it indicates that the Vmware 64-bit virtualisation support is disabled.



                    Does anyone know if there is a difference between BIOS R200J6 and R0200J6? If so, where is the former available for download?



                    Also, if they are the same, I confirm that register 0195 is already set to "0001" to no avail so has anyone figured out what register will enable support then?



                    Much thanks for any info. Cheers.

                    • 67. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                      soneil66 Lurker


                      Re: AR21S/BIOS v. R200J6, R0200J6/Register 0195



                      Has anyone ever resolved this issue? The index of register edits for this model always indicates to edit register "0195"  from "0000" to "0001" however when using the BIOS update currently available from Sony for the AR31S, the BIOS version is actually R0200J6 and the value of register "0195" is already set to "0001." A test using the Vmware CPU Tool indicates that the support is disabled, nonetheless.



                      Does anyone know if there's a difference between these two BIOS versions and, if so, where can one download the former?



                      Also, if there isn't any difference, does anyone know what register actually enables the vmware support?



                      Thanks. Cheers.



                      • 68. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                        azn2kew Champion

                        Has anyone know how to enable VT on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ330P ?  Also what is exatly best tool and version to crack this?  Please advice.


                        If you found this information useful, please consider awarding points for "Correct" or "Helpful". Thanks!!!




                        Stefan Nguyen

                        iGeek Systems Inc.

                        VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Consultant

                        • 69. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                          waileong Lurker


                          Has anyone tried enabling VT on the TZ17 (VGN-TZ17GN) ?












                          • 70. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio --  SZ90PS  Bios R0073N0
                            zii Lurker

                            Dear all,


                            I have a Sony Vaio SZ90PS and would like to locate the register to enable the VT. However, I cannot use the later BIOS revisions for this laptop because, being a Japanese market sold notebook, the US BIOS won't load. These perform a check on the machine name and this fails.


                            Current BIOS information is:


                            BIOS Ver: R0073N0

                            EC BIOS Ver: RK073N0

                            Machine name: VGN-SZ90PS


                            I would be very grateful if someone knew the register number for this.


                            Best regards, z.


                            PS. I have a copy of BIOS version  R0083N0 for the Sz90PS and could load this if someone can tell me where the register lies for BIOS R0083N0.

                            • 71. VGN-CR354_B BIOS: R2100Q0 VT Register
                              eamous Lurker

                              Hey guys,



                              Does any one know the VT Register for VGN-CR354_B BIOS Version R2100Q0 ?



                              I'm really confused how u guys managed to find the VT register for the other BIOS versions ?:|



                              Even if I brouteforce all the zeroed registers one by one , it's gonna take forever and it might even screw up the CMOS :S



                              I really need ur help guys, the most important vmware image I have is a 64-bit machine and I can't run it now :'(






                              Essa Amous.

                              • 72. Re: VGN-FW11L BIOS R0250Y0
                                marcocanto Lurker

                                Hi All,

                                I have bought a new  SONY VAIO FW11L and I'm running ubuntu 8.04 64bit. I use vmware and I have the little problem of VT !

                                I contact sony for information and for a BIOS vith VT feature enabled but nothing.


                                My BIOS version is R0250Y0

                                Model name : VGN-FW11L


                                I have used, booting with a winme image, symcmos version 643710-035 but when I have tried to dump bios :


                                symcmos -v2 -lDefault.txt

                                combineFiles (0h, COMBINE.ROM)

                                initPdmEntry ...

                                search '$PDM'

                                pdmEntry = NULL !


                                and no files ;-(


                                Second question :

                                when I have the dump how can I find for VT in it ?



                                • 73. Lenovo Thinkcentre workstation
                                  wiljon Lurker


                                  Hi guys,



                                  I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre workstation (MT-M 6071-A2U). Can anyone tell me how enable VT on this model? I've dumped to text the bios (attached) but have no idea which line represents the VT setting.






                                  • 74. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                                    mumu1234 Lurker


                                    hi all,



                                    I have two question for my Sony Vaio AW11S/B:



                                    1. Does someone know which register i have to change in order to enable VT? My BIOS is an Aptio R0200Y2 (Version 1.23.1109).



                                    2. If I start the BIOS the "Advanced" tab is completely empty. I think its disabled by Sony. Is there a possibilty to enable these options?



                                    Thanks in advance!












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