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    VMWare Server 2 RC1 vmnet0 bridging broken with multi-NIC host

    prisoner881 Enthusiast


      I upgraded my VMWare Server Beta 2 to RC1 today and got a nasty surprise.  All virtual NIC's in my guests were shows as unconnected and could not be forced to connect.  The console event log said the bridging for vmnet0 could not be activated.  The server is a Tyan S3950 AM2 with dual GigE NIC's.  Host is Windows Server 2008 Standard x64.  Guests are Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 and Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64.  Guest connectivity worked just fine prior to upgrade.






      After digging around a bit I realized that my second NIC had not been enabled the last time I installed Beta 2.  I disabled the NIC, uninstalled RC1, re-installed RC1, and it fixed the problem.  I have not yet re-enabled the second NIC.






      VMWare Server RC1 needs to be fixed such that bridging will work on a multi-homed host.  I think the old VMWare 1.0.x would let you choose what NIC you wanted to bind to, but I can't find that functionality in the RC1 web GUI.