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    auditing remote console access with VI Client

    RUG201110141 Novice

      We are going through a PCI audit and one of the requirements is to be able to audit users accessing the console of virtual machines through either the VI client or the VI Web interface.  I need to be able to query and retain this data for a year.  We would like to centralize this data for auditing purposes in a security appliance that we have.  I can see this information within VirtualCenter by just selecting Hosts & Clusters > Tasks & Events > Events and I can see what user is accessing the console of each machine.  How can I get that info out of VirtualCenter and into our Security appliance.  I tried setting up SNMP but it doesn't appear to be working in VirtualCenter.  I don't see any traps coming into our snmp trap daemon from VirtualCenter.  The version of VirtualCenter that I have is 2.5.0 build 64192.  Does anybody have any experience in setting something like this up or have any suggestions.